G. Hartmann Trading & Consulting aims to fulfil clients’ requests throughout different processing steps (raw material - semi-processed goods) and offers a broad assortment of services for this purpose.

Additionally we offer our services in the selection of new raw-materials and semi-processed goods for new product development.

The Maraska cherry is an indigenous sour cherry variety with a more than 500-year old growing tradition in Dalmatia. The climatic conditions, with more than 2500 hours of sunshine per year, and the rich mineral content of the soil ensure ideal growing conditions in this Dalmatian coastal region.

The Maraska cherry features a distinctly high Brix level, intensive color, and a richness of components compared to standard sour cherries.

An orchard is in development which produces under strict organic rules (organic-certification). In this first Croatian organic Maraska orchard there is a total area of 160 hectares available. Up to now 40 hectares have been cultivated with around 20,000 cherry trees. At this plantation you have the unique possibility to be a “cherry-godfather” and assist directly with the cultivation of Maraska cherries. For more information please contact us.

Maraska sour cherries can be prepared organically as well as conventionally, either fresh pre-cooled, deep frozen pitted, deep frozen with pits, or as purees or fruit juice concentrates.

Further possible applications for Maraska cherries include processing in to liqueurs, syrups, juices, marmalades, teas, fruit wines, dried fruits, cocktail cherries, powders and much more.

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